The firm operates in areas where preventive, proactive and strategic legal practice has value to be added to the client's business.

Banking & Finance

Legal advisory provided to financial institutions and asset managers to legally structure the collateral guarantees required for its financial operations (securities, guarantees, fiduciary assignment, commercial and industrial pledge, chattel mortgage, retention of title, among others), as well as legal advisory on the issuing process of commercial paper, bonds, certificates of deposit, floating rate notes, fixed rate notes, among others. Development and registration of legal structure for FIDC Funds and development of receivables securitization structures.

Reorganization and Turnaround

Legal advisory on Turnaround, Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy cases, providing legal services on the preparing and developing the Company's financial reorganization plan, including debt restructuring agreements. Also provide legal services on assets and credits acquisitions from companies involved in cases of bankruptcy or Judicial Recovery processes.

Corporate and M&A

Legal advice over different aspects of companies' corporate life. Shareholder dispute within the Company, acquisition of Companies and assets, corporate reorganization. Also provides services for the creation of joint ventures and strategic partnerships. The services mentioned here includes the execution of due diligences, shareholders' meetings and implementation of the registration procedures at the Governmental Authorities.


Advisory and legal advice on dealings, intermediation, preparation of contractual drafts by identifying the client’s need and offering the most appropriate solutions for the protection and preservation of their rights. These services are always customized and specifically developed for each case.


Legal advice on infrastructure project development, including transactional issues and negotiation of agréments (EPC, EPC + F, PPP, alliance agreements, EPCM, turn-key, built to suit, joint venture, subcontracts, etc.) related to all phases of infrastructure projects, including during public bidding processes and public-private partnerships.

Estate Planning

Advisory on property estate planning in a safe and oriented manner by seeking to avoid disputes in the settlement and distribution of property, initiating probate proceedings, inventory, wills, constitution of holdings and execution of shareholder agreements in family-controlled business groups aiming at the continuity of the equity and the future generational transfer.


Legal advice on planning and implementation of the correct application of tax law, including analysis and elaboration of tax strategy for the company. Also provides advisory in litigation cases, focus on reducing the tax burden and recovering credits. Defenses strategies elaboration on administrative or judicial tax cases.

Intellectual Property

Advisory on dealings, agreements, assignments, licenses and registrations involving trademarks, patents, image, technology, software, intellectual property, including domestic and foreign technology and know-how transfer agreements, both domestically and internationally.

Litigation and Arbitration

Representation of the interests of clients in Arbitration Courts or Judicial Courts in cases involving the areas of expertise of the firm, in particular civil, corporate and commercial areas, among others, with corresponding offices throughout the national territory. We also provide advice on alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation and arbitration in Brazil or abroad.

Legal Audit

Diagnosis of the company’s legal status, by analyzing the internal procedures, in particular those regarding labor, tax, contractual, corporate and environmental relations, pointing out existing liabilities and risks (contingencies) in business practices adopted and suggesting improvements in order to mitigate risks in the client's business.

Technology and Innovation

Analysis of general technology agreements such as those related to platform sharing, production of content for electronic distribution, value-added services (VAS) and telecommunications services, as well as agreements for the integration of platforms.


Legal Advisory on general bidding processes, including notifications, elaboration of legal responses and defences in administrative procedures, complete evaluation of proposals legal terms, analysis of documents of companies participating in tenders as well as filing lawsuit regarding issues involving general public agreements.

Labor Law

Legal consultancy to ensure the compliance with all labor procedures involving the employment relationship when hiring, firing and defining the company’s remuneration police for foreigners and Brazilian employees. Legal analysis of the company’s already effective labour policies to ensure its compliance with the Brazilian legislation and to mitigate labor risk. Legal opinion and Legal representation in judicial and administrative procedures regarding Social Security law and Labor Law. Legal procedures to obtain Permanent Visa and Working Visa for foreigners.